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To regularly shoot at the club you need to become a financial member and join either the Australian Clay Target Association (ACTA) or Field and Game Australia Inc. (FGA).
Shoot Programme
We are not open on days of Total Fire Ban.
1st Sunday of the month – Five Stand practice
2nd Sunday of the month – Simulated Field competition (birds only shooters welcome)
3rd Sunday of the month – Skeet practice & New Shooter Lessons (bookings essential)
4th Sunday of the month – DTL Competition
Thursday Evenings – DTL practice, DTL competitions (check programme).
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To regularly shoot at the club, you need to become a financial member of Canberra International Clay Target Club (CICTC) and join either the Australian Clay Target Association (ACTA) or Field and Game Australia Inc. (FGA).

Which association you join depends on which shooting discipline you intend to undertake. If you want to shoot down the line (DTL), ball trap, double trap, skeet or trench, then join ACTA. If you want to shoot simulated field, then join FGA. If you want to shoot both, then join both.

If you are a new member and not sure what you want to shoot, then contact the club secretary – details are listed below.

The CICTC membership year runs from January to December.

Membership fees

The membership fees for CICTC are as follows:

  • Adult – $80 p.a.;
  • Veteran (65+ yrs ) – $40 p.a.;
  • Junior (under 18 yrs) – $40 p.a.; and
  • Additional member (partner or spouse) at same address – $40 p.a.
  • Contact

Membership fees for ACTA are listed on the membership form. For FGA membership please join via their website.

For membership enquiries, contact the club secretary at

Membership Form
Contact Us


Please select the most appropriate email address as each area is managed by different volunteers.


The club grounds are situated east of Queanbeyan on the north side of the Kings Highway. If you are leaving Queanbeyan, traveling towards Bungendore, drive 8.5 km past Red Rooster (corner Yass Road and Kings Highway). Not long before the turn off to the club, you will cross over the Molonglo River, then over a railway line (ACT/NSW border) and pass a corrugated iron shed (hay barn) on the left hand side. About 50 metres past the shed you will see two gates. The second gate leads down a road to the gun club (the first gate goes into a private house). The road is called Charcoal Kiln Road, but is not likely to be marked on many maps. The road is a gravel road. The grounds are approximately 2km from the gate.

On shoot days, the gate will be unlocked. Open the gate and pass through, ensuring the gate is closed behind you at all times. The surrounding land, including the road side verge, is used for stock grazing, so please ensure you close the gate and watch for wandering stock. The club is also within the Glenburn Heritage precinct which is popular with walkers so watch for them too.

(It is worth noting that if you’re using Google Maps, it will most likely attempt to direct you to the club via Sutton Rd. There is no access through to the club from this direction, you can only access the club from the Kings Highway.)

Corporate / Group Events

Realistic prices with events tailored to individual requirements.

To book or make enquiries for corporate or group events email


Generally for this type of day we use a mixture of 4 or so target presentations to give you the best exposure to shotgun shooting and still keep it simple enough so the participants can enjoy breaking some clay targets.

What we usually do is break a round of 25 targets into two sections, the first as an introduction to get the participants used to the gun and shooting techniques, and the second which is a scored competition to see who the winner is! This format tends to bring out some competitive spirit in the group and makes for a good fun time.

You should reserve 2-3 hours to complete a round of 25 targets. If you wish to shoot a second round, add another hour or so.

There is a BBQ available if you wish to use it prior to the shooting. We supply tea, coffee as part of the event.


The cost is $110 per round per shooter with a minimum booking fee of $1,100. This includes all targets, ammunition, gun use, safety equipment and instructors. There are no licensing requirements as the shooters will be under the supervision of an Authorised Instructor. A 50% deposit is required prior to the day to lock in your booking. The maximum group size we like to cater for in this format is about 20.

Participant Requirements

All people attending must have covered in shoes (no thongs). For any persons under the age of 18 years (must be over 12 years and physically capable) we will require parental permission and supervision.

Shooting is not permitted if persons are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Shooting Lessons – Beginner


To book or make inquiries email

Canberra International Clay Target Club undertakes lessons for any responsible person who wants to try Clay Target Shooting. The lessons provide an essential and ideal introduction to the numerous styles or disciplines of clay target shooting. Sessions are intended for those who have not previously used a shotgun, have limited experience, or perhaps wish to re-enter the sport and would just like a refresher or further instruction.

The sessions are held on the third Sunday of every month with the exception of January and December. Sessions commence at 10:00 am with a maximum of 12 participants. Bookings are essential, so book early as these sessions are popular.

Places are limited and booking early is essential to participate!


To provide an overview on shotguns and clay target shooting.


The lesson includes information on the club, shotgun operation, firearm safety and handling as well as shooting at a variety of clay targets (25) under the supervision of the club’s authorised instructors. An explanation of the various clay target shooting disciplines and shooting techniques is also provided.


Allow no less than two and one half hours for the instruction/shooting component. The sessions vary in length depending on the number of participants in each session and their experience levels. It is recommended to arrive fifteen minutes prior to the start of the lesson.


For directions to the clubhouse please see the contact section


Participants are requested to wear comfortable, casual clothing, preferably no sleeveless tops and enclosed shoes – no thongs or sandals. Payment includes all ammunition, targets, hire of gun and safety equipment (ear and eye protection -you are welcome to bring your own ear and eye protection if you prefer).

A firearms licence is not mandatory, however you must be at least 12 years of age, of good character and be physically able to handle a firearm. If you are under 18 years of age, parental permission and supervision will be required.


$75 per person.

Gift certificates can also be purchased. Contact for full particulars. Please provide at least one week notice (the more the better) so our instructors are aware of how many participants to expect and prepare for.


ACT and NSW Firearms Licence Training

To book or make enquiries email

ACT Firearms Licence Training – Basic (also valid for NSW)

Duration 3 hours
Content Firearms safety, handling and legislation
Assessment Written examination
Qualification Certificate of Competence (prerequisite for ACT and NSW Firearms Licence)
Cost $90

R Licence Testing

Please go to the DPI website for all information and testing in order to secure your R Licence.

The Canberra International Clay Target Club is recognised as a NSW DPI Approved Hunting Organisation under the Game and Feral Animal Control Act 2002.

The R-licence will provide qualified members with access to hunt on declared public land in NSW for a range of introduced feral animals including:

  • foxes
  • rabbits;
  • goats;
  • pigs; and
  • wild deer.

Access to this licence is only possible through membership of Approved Hunting Organisations.

Thursday Come And Try

These sessions are held on the 1st Thursday of the month.

Bookings are essential and limited spots are available per session.

Thursday 5.15pm arrival for 5.30pm start

$60 per person

Thursday sessions, we will cover